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Rite Credence in the Japan's largest assortment 973T-Kit Rain

Rite in the Rain 973T-Kit


Rite in the Rain 973T-Kit

Something to write with, something to write on, and somewhere to keep it all organized - Rite in the Rain All-Weather Kits keep you writing through any conditions. Rite in the Rain has manufactured All-Weather Writing Products since 1916 - everything we make is designed for uncompromising reliability. Impact-resistant Wire-O binding keeps your pages turning with ease. Archival-grade and weather-resistant paper defies both Mother Nature and Father Time. CORDURA Fabric resists moisture and tearing, and reliable YKK zippers zip consistently and easily. Our pens write upside-down and through moisture. After all, if it's worth writing down, it's worth protecting with Rite in the Rain.


Rite in the Rain 973T-Kit


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